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Why another organization in the South Loop?

A neighborhood’s health and vibrancy is directly linked to the vigor of its local businesses. To encourage strength in the business sector, every neighborhood needs an organization to amplify the voice of local businesses in neighborhood decisions.

The best type of organization to perform this function is one formed solely as a Chamber of Commerce.  A Chamber of Commerce is “a local organization of businesses whose goal is to further the interests of businesses.”

Currently, the South Loop does not have this type of organization.  Other neighborhood groups serve different purposes like “bringing neighbors together” and “to plan, guide and support a program of development for the near south area of the City of Chicago.”  These groups include business outreach programs but they do not address the unique and specific needs of South Loop businesses.



What is unique about the South Loop Alliance?

Business Focus - The South Loop Alliance is by and for South Loop business leaders.

Inclusive Approach - The South Loop Alliance invites residents, developers, college students, workers, aldermen, area government entities and other interested parties to be involved in mutually beneficial ways.  We want a “Win” for all South Loop stakeholders.

Realistic Perspective - We are starting small and growing consistently in order to:

◦ Prove our ideas and their contribution to the health of local businesses and the neighborhood at large.

◦ Learn more about how to strengthen local businesses and the neighborhood.

◦ See who gets involved with good ideas and the ability to back them up with actions.

◦ Expand and grow as we experience success.


What geography does the South Loop Alliance cover?

While we want to remain inclusive with our membership, our primary focus is on the area bounded by Congress Parkway on the north, Lake Michigan to the east, I-55 on the south, and I-94/90 to the west (with Chinatown excluded from the southwest corner).


Does my business need to have a South Loop brick & mortar location to join?

No!  We welcome all businesses interested in our mission to join is.  We realize there are a lot of sole proprietors and entrepreneurs in the South Loop.  We want your voice to be heard!  Please don't hesitate to join us.



Benefits of membership

All members receive:

● Free or discounted access to networking events.

● Listing on the South Loop Alliance Website.

● Social media mentions from South Loop Alliance social media accounts.

● Invitations to members-only meetings where decisions are made about what the South Loop Alliance will do.

● Occasional surveys to gauge members’ opinions about neighborhood matters.

● The honor of being a pioneer in the South Loop business community.

● The potential of increased business from an improved South Loop community and from being better connected with other local business leaders.


All members will be encouraged to participate in South Loop Shop Local initiatives.

Special Supportive Members can elect for special positioning as sponsors of shop local initiatives and networking events.

Membership Levels

Standard Membership Levels

□ Sole Proprietor - $95/year

□ 2-9 employees - $95/year

□ 10-49 Employees - $145/year

□ 50-99 Employees - $245/year

□ 100+ Employees - $495/year

□ Nonprofit - let’s talk about partnership!

Special Supportive Membership:

□ Supporting Member - $500/year

□ Sustaining Member - $1,000/year

□ Property Managers - $200/year

□ Banks - $500/year

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